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15th Annual Base Builder Coming Up!

15th Annual Base Builder Coming Up!

We’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary season of our annual Base Builder Trainer Series!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for so long. Coach Cody started this concept back in January 2005 with a single 12-week Tuesday/Thursday 6pm trainer class at a friend’s training studio in the “Golden Triangle” of Denver. Back then you brought your own trainer with you! We bounced around here and there every couple of years to a studio off Broadway for a few, to Wheat Ridge Cyclery for a couple years, to the Lakewood Rec Centers a couple years, then to the old “All Pro CrossFit” in Lakewood, and finally to its new home at Sessions:6 in 2016. We’ve evolved over the years to include power-based smart trainers, testing, multiple class times, longer enhanced durations of programming, and (what sets us apart from all the rest) the cycling-specific strength training component!
Many folks have joined us for two, three, four years or more of the training program since we began.

Thank you for the support over the years.

Well… we’re back again for another season of Base Building coming up before the end of summer… yes you read that right, getting started before the end of summer! We’re always striving to improve the program year-to-year and due to popular demand, we’re getting back to “Base Builder 15.0″ earlier than ever… but definitely in a new & improved way.
Also for those that can’t join us in-house for our coached Base Builder Programming, you can join us remotely via our Remote Base Builder Program. We’ve offered this format for a couple years now with great success and positive results. This year we’re improving the the Remote Program with weekly audio recordings that discuss the specifics of the program in more detail; as if you were “in-house” alongside our coaches!



  • NEW 4x 8-week block formatting to enhance the base building momentum & take advantage of the seasons.
  • Improved ‘Strength Intro’ (or re-intro) & more gradual loading (less soreness!)
  • New schedule works well with late summer/fall riding & CYCLOCROSS season!
  • Gym time slots are 12-1pm & *new* 6:30-7:30pm
  • Trainer time slots are the same: 12-1:15pm, 4:30-5:45pm & 6:15-7:30pm
    • we’ll continue this option and look to grow the online remote format with new features
    • *new* WEEKLY downloadable audio recordings (dare we say ‘podcast’?) to discuss the details of the program & other training-related topics
    • *new* “limited equipment” at-home strength progression option for those that don’t have access to a gym
  • More training, improved progressions, and more soon-to-be announced enhancements to the program!
  • Same low per-session pricing for the available 33 in-house training slots & improved pricing for Remote Option!
  • Here are the training details and Schedule for you to plan for:
    • BLOCK 1 (September-October) – STRENGTH INTRO/FOUNDATION w/ outdoor base miles and/or CX suggestions
      • 2x/week strength ONLY / no trainer
      • Perfect time of year to (re)introduce strength training 2x a week
      • Still enjoy the end of summer/early fall riding outdoors and/or cyclocross!
      • Goal is to ease back into regular weekly strength training & build up gradually with improved technique (and less soreness)!
      • August 26th-October 18th; Mondays & Thursdays; noon & 6:30pm
    • Recovery Week the week of the 21st of October – no classes
      • 2x/week strength + 2x/week trainer
      • Daylight is gone, temps are chilly, time for the trainer! (…and continued cyclocross?!)
      • Strength builds in the gym
      • Aerobic work on the trainer (and ILT’s!)
      • Goal is to focus on heavier strength gains while bike work remains ‘less intense’ & focused on the fat-burning aerobic engine.
      • October 28th-December 19th; M/W Strength & Tu/Th Trainer
    • TWO Recovery/Holiday Weeks of the 23rd & 30th of December – no classes
      • 2x/week strength + 2x/week trainer
      • Time for some higher intensity intervals on the trainer
      • Strength lowers the weight and emphasizes speed & power
      • Bouns Saturday sessions added similarly to last year for more bike volume
      • January 6th-February 27th; M/W Strength & Tu/Th Trainer
    • Recovery Week of the 2nd of March – no classes
      • 1x/week trainer + 1x/wk strength
      • Weather is improving, racing is around the corner
      • Tuesday trainer intervals + Wednesday strength/stability training
      • Leaving the second half of the week for longer outdoor group rides, races, etc.
      • March 9th-April 29th
    • Spring 2020 has arrived and off you go with loads of fitness!

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