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2019 Winter Park XC Nationals Plan

Just released for your 2019 cross-country mountain bike season, WE have a 12-week Race Prep Plan specifically but for the 2019 Epic Singletrack Series in Winter Park, Colorado AND the 2019 USAC XC National Championship, also in Winter Park for 2019!!

The Epic Singletrack Series is a classic Colorado XC racing series that’s a favorite of many, and now with the addition of XC Nationals there is no reason to race anywhere else this summer.

The program follows a two-week cycle of training, racing, and recovery beginning in June and ending in late August. Following the plan athletes will perform weekly strength training sessions, interval sessions, endurance sessions, and recovery to have them building fitness up to and peaking for the late July National Championship event; and then maintaining that peak through the final two Epic Singletrack Series events.


As a reader of the Waite Endurance/Sessions:6 blog, we’re offering you a 30% discount on the 2019 Winter Park Nationals Plan.

Enter code at checkout: NATS30


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