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Cody’s 2019 Goals

Cody’s 2019 Goals

Post Series: 2019 Cody Waite

With 2019 now just around the corner, it’s planning season: time get things dialed in and training on track.

I recently wrote an article on Goal Setting (read here). Being a coach-athlete, I like to practice what I preach. So I figured I might as well share this process with you to better demonstrate the process and hold myself a bit more accountable. I went over the “hows” & “whys” in the article, so I’ll just cut to the chase and get to the goal setting and my thought process behind it.

MY 2019

Before I get to my 2019 ideas, I’d like to first reflect on my 2018 season. You can get the full recap in a previous post from August. My basic takeaways from what went well:

Strength Training: NAILED IT!

This was perhaps the single best thing I accomplished in 2018. I have lifted weights in the off-season every year of my 22 years of cycling & triathlon. However the form & function of the training regimen varied, I had never been able to keep the lifting going through the competitive season. Something always came up and got in the way, and even with good intentions, I ended up dropping it come summer.

2018 was my first year of making it a priority and getting it done. I can’t count how many people I have told how great this was! I maintained my strength (and durability) all season long, kept injury at bay, and felt more powerful and more fatigue resistant than ever before… in my 40th year of life! Amazing.

Now having returned to my Base Builder Strength program and more focused lifting for 2019, I am already WAY ahead of where I started previous off-season lifting, and I’m going to reach a higher level of strength… guaranteed! And as a bonus, zero soreness was experienced upon the start of my lifting routine… because I never really stopped lifting! Thumbs way up.

So you can be sure lifting heavy weights will be a BIG part of my entire season again in 2019 as will some additional weight lifting adjustments in an attempt to see more benefits.

Aerobic Training: Geared towards Endurance

My two main targets for 2018 were USAC Marathon Nationals in the Spring & the Leadville 100 MTB for Summer…both endurance-based events. Therefore, after my initial off-season Base Builder program (October-March) and building fitness through each ascending energy system, I focused on smaller amounts of speed & power on the bike in exchange for larger amounts of endurance training. Training to resist fatigue and not slow down. I feel this worked very well for my specific goals of the season, and it led to a solid performance in Leadville (and other races along the way).

For 2019 the target events will change slightly and therefore so will my training…if only slightly.

My target events for 2019 will be shorter, more XC oriented events. With this, my training will shift towards improving my short term power production and repeatability of these shorter, higher power efforts. My winter Base Builder program will remain the same… a progressive October through March general fitness build through ascending energy systems. It’s proven to work and work well, so I am not changing anything there. In April, my training will then begin to focus on speed, power & repeatability of efforts. Long rides in the mountains will still be a key component of my program, but perhaps a little bit less so than last year and a bit more focus spent on shorter intervals.


First my Long Term Goals. As mentioned in my recent Goal Setting post, Long Term Goals should be more general in terms of fitness targets and event accomplishments…

What would you like achieve this upcoming season?

  1. Improve strength in the gym
  2. Improve 4:00 power on the bike
  3. Podium Masters National Championship

2-4 years from now? 

  1. Continue to improve strength in the gym
  2. Continue to improve power on the bike (as I age!)
  3. Go sub-7 at Leadville 100 MTB
  4. Win a National Championship

5 or more years from now?

  1. Return to off-road triathlon
  2. Train more/race less
  3. Target “bucket list” events

“Dream Goal”   

________Win a World Championship______________


With Long Term goals there to guide your overall direction, it is setting Short Term Goals where things get more specific and precise.

Short-Term Goals for Post-Season Training Cycle: 

Dates:  October through December 2018 

  • Increase Back Squat 1RM 10%  (to 220 lbs.)
  • Increase Deadlift 1RM 10%  (to 245 lbs.)
  • Establish aerobic base on the bike

How to Achieve above Set Goals:

  • Establish a Strength Training Emphasis
    • 3 sessions/week
    • beginning Base Builder Strength Plan in September (allowing for 16 week progression)
    • repeating “3-week peak” to 1RM (weeks 9-11) in weeks 13-15
  • Riding only 3x per week
    • 2x as aerobic interval trainer sessions
    • 1x as group ride for unstructured intensity & endurance
  • Focus on quality of food consumed, slightly higher fat & protein intake

Short-Term Goals for Pre-Season Training Cycle:

Dates:  January through April 2019 

  • Increase power on bike by 10% from October (surpassing best of 2018)
  • Achieve 430w for 4:00 (575w for 1:00; FR 6.3%)
  • Reach 144 lbs (5 w/kg at Anaerobic Threshold)
  • Maintain (or slightly improve) strength gains from post-season build

How to Achieve above Set Goals:

  • Shift from strength to bike emphasis
    • strength 2x week (up the stability & power movements)
  • Ride 4-5x week
    • 2x structured intervals (trainer)
    • 1x unstructured intensity group ride (or early race)
    • 1-2x endurance rides
  • Focus on quantity of food intake, less protein more carbs to fuel

Short-Term Goals for 1st half of Race Season cycle, 

Dates:  May – June

  • Race Preparation Fitness Build
  • Early peak in May, followed by training focus rest of May
  • June: lots of racing (train within the week, race weekends)

How to Achieve above Set Goals:

  • Late April taper
  • May training camp
  • Packed calendar in June/early July

Short-Term Goals for 2nd half of Race Season Cycle: 

Dates: July – August 

  • Peak Fitness!
  • Podium XC National Championships
  • LT 100 MTB
  • Compete XC World Championships

How to Achieve above Set Goals:

  • Taper training from peak load at beginning of July
  • Race my best every other week
  • Extra focus on recovery & fueling


There it is… my 2019 season goals laid out in black & white.

It took a little longer than I expected to figure out but definitely worth it. Keeping in mind these goals are not written in stone, and they will likely change or a least slightly modify as the year progresses; but having the basic outline and objectives in hand will help me get started and remained focused on the outcome.

This is a great exercise every athlete should perform before they jump into their training program for the new year. The thought process will help you regain focus and enthusiasm for the training that lies ahead. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your Goal Setting on!


Written by Cody Waite, professional endurance athlete, endurance sport coach, and founder of Sessions:6 Sport Performance. Looking for help with your endurance sport training? Check out his Stock Training Plans, Custom Training Plans, and  Personal Coaching options created to fit your needs and budget.

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