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I Won A Mr. Potato Head

I Won a Mr. Potato Head

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My Base Builder Block 1 Recap

September marked the end of my race season and the beginning of my off-season. Following the principle of “no structured bike training”, I rode for fun and without rules. I made a concerted effort to connect for rides with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and branch out to different trails such as Staunton State Park near Bailey and Johnny Park near Lyons.

Cody and I coached the Green Mountain Composite HS Mtn Bike Team which meant I was on my bike with the kids a few times per week. If I felt like doing the intervals with the kids, I did; if I didn’t feel like doing the intervals, I didn’t. I could focus on the student athletes, because I didn’t need to worry about my own training. We had so much fun traveling across the state in September and October for the NICA league races, culminating in a cram-packed weekend of excitement in Durango for the State Championships.

The 2019 Base Builder Program officially began in October, and I was ready for some structure again. On Tuesday and Thursdays, I spent 75 minutes with the noon class in our Wahoo Kickr studio at our Lakewood facility, and I’d stay for another 40 minute bonus session. The first block of training focused on ILTs (Isolated Leg Training) and Aerobic Threshold intervals, a nice way to ease into structured training again. And, I continued to ride outside for fun when the Fall weather cooperated.

I had already resumed structured strength training in September, because I thoroughly enjoy this work (and my skinny frame needs more muscle mass and strength to function better). It is so exciting to see progress in my strength gains, not only to feel better but to know that it will translate to more power next race season.

After three weeks of structured training for Base Builder Block One, the schedule calls for a “recovery week”. I still did two strength sessions though they were deloaded (less weights) and more focused on core work. Cascade Sports Physical Therapy (our next door neighbor) graciously led mobility sessions with our training group and it felt good to stretch for more than five minutes! The sun was shining last week, and I got outside for three rides during the week, one which was a practice session at the cyclocross course in Golden.

My theme for 2018 was to be brave and try new types of races, so I swallowed my fears and jumped into my first CX race on Saturday: the Feedback Cup.

Because I didn’t have any CX points, I was relegated to the beginner’s group, Senior Women 5. My group started just 30 seconds back and 1 minute back from other groups, so there were 31 women total on the course for our race. There is a kid-like quality to a cyclocross race which makes you feel young again: maybe it’s jumping over barriers, maybe it’s trying to ride through a sand pit, or maybe it is just the burning of your lungs and legs as you somewhat recklessly race around the course. Whatever it was, I loved the race. It was pure fun. As an extra bonus, I even won a Mr. Potato Head for finishing the first lap in 1st place. (Note: I ultimately finished 2nd in SW5 after an exciting battle with another racer.)

Block 2 started this week, and it is good to get back at it. I need the structure or I’d just be lazy. My legs felt heavy in Tuesday’s trainer session, but I am hoping to have a better session today. Happy November, everyone!



Written by Kathy Waite, masters endurance athlete, endurance sport coach, and co-owner of Sessions:6 Sport Performance. Looking for help with your endurance sport training? Check out our Stock Training Plans, Custom Training Plans, and  Personal Coaching options created to fit your needs and budget.


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