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At Sessions:6 our training philosophy revolves around the concept of addressing our “Six Components of Sport Performance.” By identifying an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in our Six Components we can help them to not only improve but thrive in athletic competition.

Aerobic Conditioning
Muscular Stability
Skill Proficiency
Stress Management
Mental Fitness

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Proven Training Plans

We offer pre-built training plans for cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers and runners of all ability levels. Browse our catalog and choose from a large selection of plans to fit your event and goals.

Sessions:6 has helped me become the best athlete I can be!

Patrick Johnson, XTERRA athlete


Custom Training Plans

A training plan hand-crafted just for you: your schedule, your events, your goals, your fitness level. 

Coach Cody’s Leadville 100 training program is making me awesome.

Will Foley, Leadville Trail 100 AG Winner


Personal Coaching

Weekly training plan, daily review, constant feedback and adjustments are all included to maximize your progression and help you achieve your goals. This is our fully hands-on approach to training. 


Individualized Power Profile Testing

Training with Power? Let us test your Aerobic & Anaerobic Power abilities to set your most accurate & individualized training zones. Identify your strengths & weakness on the bike to help you train more effectively and make continued progress all season long and year after year.


Factory Base Builder Program

Learn, train, socialize, and win with our S:6 Factory Base Builder Program. Join 50+ Denver area athletes on a weekly basis to experience the most well organized and successful training group in Colorado. Train with S:6 through the off-season to perform your best all season long! Members of any/all teams encouraged to join.


Remote Base Builder Program

Don’t live in the Denver area? Can’t make our class times? Have no fear, you can join our S:6 Remote Base Builder Program and gain full access to the training plans and support offered to our ‘in-house’ athletes. Get the training resources you’re looking for to race your best!


Challenge your limits by pushing through them to achieve new levels of fitness, form and function.

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