Our Remote Team allows athletes that can’t train with us in-house to train with us remotely on their own. Follow the same training program, join the same coach-led discussions via phone calls/recordings, wear the same kit in training and/or racing, and be a part of our S:6 Team from anywhere across the globe.


Team objectives remain the same for our Remote Team Program: training structure, coach direction, encouragement and resources for every member of the team to succeed. This includes our complete Off-Season Training Program delivered via Training Peaks, regular team conference calls/recordings to discuss training objectives and get answers to your questions, unlimited access to Race Preparation Training Plans, email communication, and sweet custom team kits that makes every member look good… really good.

Our Remote Team is designed around competitive racers from around the Globe looking for a highly structured group of athletes to “virtually” train with and expert coaches to learn from  in order to bring the best out of each individual.

The motivation and help that Sessions:6 gave me was incredible! My power has never been so high and the improvements they helped me gain will be a benefit both racing and to just enjoy riding all kinds of terrain!

Dave Slingsby, MTB Racer

2018 S:6 Remote Team Program
  • Off-Season Trainer Series Plan ($175)
  • Strength & Mobility Plan ($125)
  • Unlimited Access to S:6 Training Plan Library ($150+)
  • One (1) Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Team Kits ($300 value)
  • Conference Calls (Monthly: Nov-Apr; Bi-Monthly: May-Sep)
  • Email Access for Q&A
  • Interactive Social Media Groups (Facebook & Strava)
  • Partner/Sponsor Discounts ($$$)

2018 membership can be purchased beginning in August 2017. Training Program begins November 1st! 

Already on a Team? That's Cool.

You can join and follow our Remote Training Program and still train and race with YOUR team!  It won’t take long before your teammates are asking you how you’re getting so fast.