Denver area cyclists and triathletes can join us for our annual off-season indoor trainer series designed to help you stay motivated, improve fitness and train year round for continued improvement; every Winter since 2004.

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Our highly successful off-season indoor cycling program has been honed over the last 14 years and has improved the cycling ability of hundreds of cyclists. Beginning every Winter we take cyclists through a complete base training program that includes a progressive series of twice-weekly training sessions and frequent testing to determine training zones and track progress.

The S:6 Trainer Series has elevated my cycling ability to whole new level. By utilizing both power and heart rate in my training I can literally see my improvements and know exactly when to increase my training load. I love the specificity of the workouts along with the group atmosphere to keep me coming back for more.  

Wendy Wempe, Mountain Biker


Our cycling studio is equipped with 12 Wahoo Kickr stations allowing riders to train with power and cadence ensuring the appropriate workload for each rider. Using heart rate in combination with power output we can monitor the adaptation to the workload and increase or decrease as needed. This attention to detail allows for maximum improvement and fitness gains over the duration of the program.


Reserve your trainer and get best pricing at only $116/month!

By purchasing the entire 6-month series upfront you lock in your time slot and your trainer. You also save cash by bringing the price per session down to just $17.50, including the four Power Profile Tests.

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We’re expanding our program for 2018! New for the upcoming 2017/18 off-season, our program has been extended to more extensively develop your aerobic base and to include monthly recovery and testing weeks.

The full program will begin in November ’17 and run through April ’18. The schedule is built around six 3-week training blocks that will focus on a specific energy system development. In between blocks of training there will be either a “Rest & Test” week to track progress and allow for recovery, or a week off to allow for recovery and/or extended endurance riding in replace of the structured trainer sessions.

  • Block 1: November 14-30th, Cadence Development & Aerobic Foundation
  • Block 2: December 12-28th,  Aerobic Threshold 
  • Block 3: January 9-25th, Anaerobic Threshold
  • Block 4: February 6-22nd, Vo2 Max
  • Block 5: March 6-22nd, Anaerobic Power 
  • Block 6: April 3-19th, Peak Power

We use an Aerobic Threshold Test and an Anaerobic Power Test to create your individual Power Profile and set training zones.

The Aerobic Threshold Test consists of 20 minutes at 80% of your HRmax for average power. We look for increases of average power at sub-max effort as you build your aerobic base.

The Anaerobic Power Test consists of 1:00, 2:00 and 4:00 all out efforts for best power. With this data we can determine your rate of fatigue as durations increase to calculate your complete power profile (including FTP). Your Fatigue Rate also helps to identify your strengths/weaknesses in ‘power vs. endurance’ and can pinpoint your area of improvement in order to maximize this balance for your specific training and racing goals.

Four “Power Profile Tests” are included with the program: one before the program begins, one before Block 3, another before Block 5, and one final test at the conclusion of the program. This allows for the most precise training zones and to track progress for greater motivation!

There are two trainer workouts per week and a suggested weekly outdoor ride to compliment your fitness development within the program over the 6 month program. Each coached trainer workout is 75 minutes and includes a general warm-up, a muscular warm-up, a main-set of focused work, and a closing warm-down. The workouts are created to build upon the previous workouts, which creates a gradually more challenging training load and higher intensities as the series progresses.

Our trainer studio is equipped with the Wahoo Kick’r direct-drive trainers. These trainers are connected to two large TV screens that displays the workout and work output in terms of power, cadence and heart rate as the primary metrics of interest. Heart rate monitors and cadence sensors are not required, but they are both HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be sure you’re training in the correct HR zone and specified cadences for maximum aerobic development.

Don’t have a HRM or Cadence? We have Wahoo Tickrs and Wahoo Cadence sensors available for sale in our Pro-Shop. 

Block 1 Begins November 14th, 2017.

Sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • 6:30-7:45am
  • 12:00-1:15pm
  • 4:30-5:45pm
  • 6:15-7:30pm


Six months of trainer sessions sound like too much for you and/or your budget?

Train with us and pay on a month-to-month format. Join when you can, give it a go, like the progress you see, comeback for the next month as desired.

Keep in mind that our trainer series is designed to be progressive and attending the full series results in the maximum benefits. Monthly spots are subject to availability.


Prefer to come & go as you please?

Purchase a Punch Pass and you can “drop-in” for a session when it works for you and an open trainer is available.

Keep in mind that our trainer series is designed to be progressive and attending the full series results in the maximum benefits. Open trainers are not guaranteed. You can preview availability and sign-up for trainers online prior to class times.