Founded in 2003 under the name Endurance Performance Coaching, Sessions:6 Sport Performance has evolved from a typical online coaching platform to an established training facility, coaching service and endurance training resource, located in Lakewood, Colorado.


Our 3000 square foot training facility located off of 6th Avenue & Garrison in Lakewood boasts a 12-person Wahoo Kick’r Indoor Trainer Studio and full size strength & conditioning area for off-the-bike training sessions. Also inside you’ll find massage therapy, physical therapy and nutrition services available to all our athletes.  



As business owners, coaches, parents of three teenagers, and elite athletes, Cody & Kathy Waite know how to balance the stress of life with training to achieve maximum sport performance. Combined they make a great coaching team helping you achieve your best self.

The Commander...

With over 20 years of bike racing and triathlon racing experience under his belt, including many years racing at the elite level, Coach Cody brings a boat load of training and racing experience to his coaching. In 2003, Cody founded his coaching company Endurance Performance Coaching with the intent of helping others achieve the goals in endurance sport racing. Over the last 14 years Cody has grown as a person (becoming a step dad of 3 young girls), an athlete (becoming one of the country’s best XTERRA racers), and as a coach (always seeking out the most effective training strategies and becoming a USAT Level 2 coach in 2012). Never far from a good tan and a clean shave, Cody works hard at making coaching, training and racing his profession, and enjoys working with other athletes of similar character.

...and the Chief.

A fit and fun mother of three and wife of one, Coach Kathy’s youthful enthusiasm keeps her athletes on their toes and working hard. With a background in track and cross country running throughout her high school and college years, and degree in Physical Education, Kathy enjoys encouraging others to strive for excellence in sport and fitness. Learning to swim and ride as an adult (becoming a strong triathlete and mountain bike racer in her own right) combined with her USAT Level 1 coaching experience she is well equipped to help other ‘adult athletes‘ learn and improve. Kathy joined Cody in building their training and coaching business in 2011 and has since become an integral part of the coaching team and the reason many people keep coming back for workout after sweaty workout.

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