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Team Waite: 2019 Race Calendar & Annual Plan

Team Waite: 2019 Race Calendar & Annual Plan

Post Series: 2019 Cody Waite

As 2019 race dates are being announced, we’ve been able to (mostly) finalize our 2019 racing plans & subsequent annual training plan. I’ve recently published a series of blog posts pertaining to Season Planning: Goal Setting, Race Selection, and Creating your Annual Training Plan. After talking the talk, I’ll now walk the walk and share our plans for the season ahead.

Race Selection

We’re pretty pumped about the upcoming racing season… both of us racing on the ‘young end’ of our respective Masters category of USAC/UCI championship events (me at 40, and Kathy at 45). On top of that… Marathon Nationals are relatively nearby, in north Texas, with terrain similar to what we’re used to here in the southwest; XC National Championships are in our backyard in Winter Park, Colorado, a place we are very familiar with (and historically very successful racing at); and to put the icing on the cake… the UCI XC World Championships are “drive-able” being held in the iconic Monte St. Anne in Quebec Canada!

I can’t think of better late August road trip than Monte St. Anne!

So there are our three “A” races for the 2019 season: Marathon Nationals, XC Nationals, and XC Worlds. The spacing on the Calendar works out fairly well with an early season peak at the beginning of May for Marathon Nationals, then two months to train and prepare for a late July XC nationals, and then another month to sharpen up for Worlds in late August. Of course we will have handful of additional races on the calendar in between these events with the goals of either obtaining points for improved start grid positioning or simply for training/fun.

Here’s the Race Calendar for ‘Team Waite’ (both Cody & Kathy!)

March 18th Whitetanks XC C Arizona
25th (training camp, AZ)
APR. 1st
8th Sea Otter Classic B California
22nd Whiskey 50 Off-Road C Arizona
29th Soldier Hollow XCT B Utah
MAY 6th Marathon Nationals Texas
13th Battle Bear RME B Colorado
JUN. 3rd Missoula XCT B Montana
10th Bailey Hundito C Colorado
24th Winter Park Stage Race C Colorado
JUL. 1st Firecracker 50 B Colorado
15th Epic Singletrack C Colorado
22nd XC Nationals A Colorado
AUG. 5th Leadville Trail 100 C Leadville
19th XC World Champs A Quebec, CAN


That’s 14 races in all. No easy feat, but in theory they are well spaced out and we’ll be coming off a long ‘off-season’ of base building and preparation for a long challenging season.

More on the Base Builder Plan HERE 


The Annual Training Plan

Here’s a look in the Training Peaks format:

As a run-through to gain some of my thought process to possibly help you in your own season planning:

September was our transition time. We were done racing, now focused on coaching our local high school NICA MTB team. During this time we ride for fun with the kids, and get back to the weight room to begin a regular routine of strength training. We did maintain strength training throughout the entire 2018 season… at least once, if not twice, per week we lifted weights all season and it was amazing. Coming back to more focused strength work in September felt easy and natural. No unwanted soreness or dislike for the training. Goal is to refresh & have fun, while forming a strength routine.

October through December has been our Aerobic & Strength Base Builder Block. No racing, just training. 3 days on the bike per week with specific aerobic efforts, and 3 days per week in the gym building strength, starting light and progressively getting heavier and heavier. Goal is to maintain low-level “fitness” (CTL) through this time frame building strength. *The strength focus and minimal time on the bike doesn’t create big movement in overall fitness.

January through March will be significant fitness building. 2x per week lighter loads in the gym, but with more explosive power movements, and some heavier maintenance training as well. On the bike, we’ll begin to add small amounts of higher-intensity interval training 2x per week, and two progressively longer easy rides to build endurance. There are a couple local “races” that we may or may not enter. We’ll decide when the time comes based on interest. End of March we’ll wrap up “base building” with an XC race in Arizona followed by an endurance training camp filled with large amounts of long slow miles. My goal will be to increase CTL from around 80 to 120 over these three months. (Kathy will be lower CTL numbers, but similar large progression)

April will be Race Preparation time. More racing, with a slight decline in “fitness” (CTL) as we near first target race. Training will become very race specific and racing will be come very frequent right up to goal events in late-April and early May. From years of experience, I know I race well bringing CTL down to around 100 from 120 over about three weeks time, creating a peak of fitness & freshness. Goal is to come to a ‘peak’ in fitness by early May for first “A” race: Marathon NationalsShort break to follow first peak.

Rebuild the ‘fitness’ (CTL) getting numbers back up and create some fatigue before the taper into second “A” race at end of July. Training will be a combo of strength & power in the gym, intensity on the bike, and long rides in the mountains. Goal: get ridiculously fit and powerful through a combination of Race Prep training. *this is the secret sauce!

August is little unconventional. We’ll recover from July peak, then punch a big hole of aerobic fitness & fatigue with the Leadville 100 race and follow that with very little training into the World Champs race two weeks after. This is a bit of an experiment. Historically, after LT100 I am pretty cooked and rest all week. Then the following weekend I race a small local race in Winter Park and feel amazing and win. So why the hell not try and replicate that with a World Champs race?! The difference however is the Worlds race is two-weeks after instead of just one, so maybe the fatigue will catch me later and I’ll really suck… or maybe I’ll rebound even higher? Who really knows. A little bit of uncharted water here… but might as well give it a go. To race Masters XC Worlds will just be fun in and of itself. However I race will just be what it is. Should be interesting to say the least. Goal: dig a hole, rebound just in time to race to an all time high or to not fall flat on my face

All right. There we go: 2019. It’s all laid out there.

Going to be a super fun year of training and racing, not only for ourselves, but with our newly forming WE Devo U23 MTB Team. We’ll be training and racing with this super talented young team of riders targeting a lot of the same events and pushing each other all season long. More on that in future posts!

Stay tuned for some monthly training updates as we progress through 2019. You can follow us here on our BLOG as well as our social posts on Instagram & Facebook.



Written by Cody Waite, professional endurance athlete, endurance sport coach, and founder of Sessions:6 Sport Performance. Looking for help with your endurance sport training? Check out his Stock Training Plans, Custom Training Plans, and  Personal Coaching options created to fit your needs and budget.



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