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2018/19 Base Builder Trainer Series

2018/19 Base Builder Trainer Series

Over the last 14 years we have formulated, tweaked, and perfected our off-season Base Builder Trainer Series to make this years 15th Annual Base Builder Trainer Series the most effective off-season programming to date!

Building your Aerobic Base on the bike through the Fall & Winter months is critical to Spring & Summer racing success. Gone is the old-school theory of long, easy miles as the only way to build your aerobic base on the bike. Long easy miles can be effective; however the time commitment and ability to put in those miles with limited daylight hours and less than ideal winter weather, long slow distance is rarely the most effective strategy. By replacing those long easy miles, with shorter, more focused, highly structured workouts mid-week, combined with a longer weekend ride(s) you can maximize your aerobic base building progression in the least amount of time (and workable around just about any family, school, work, and life schedule).

Our 24-week Base Builder Program is built around six 3-week training blocks (with a recovery week between), with each block focusing on a progressively higher intensity energy system:

  • Aerobic Threshold & Skill – HR zone 2: 2-4 hour power
  • Aerobic Strength – HR zone 3: 1-2 hour power
  • Anaerobic Threshold – HR zone 4: 30-60 minute power
  • Vo2 Max – 8-16 minute power
  • Anaerobic Power – 1-4 minute power
  • Peak Power – 0:05-0:30 second power

This progressive build of power through ascending energy systems allows for highly effective adaptation to each energy system and subsequently establishes a strong base of aerobic fitness upon the conclusion of the off-season program. Targeting the specific HR and/or power numbers as structured intervals within each block allows for maximum control of the workload that is designed to increase with the adaptation. Upon completion of the Base Builder Program a rider has trained every energy system in systematic order and now ready to take on their event-specific Race Preparation training program as they head into the Spring & Summer competitive-season.

Get the full run-down of our Base Builder Program.

Factory Base Builder Trainer Series

We have an ‘in-house’ option for those that live near our Lakewood, Colorado training facility at Sessions:6 Sport Performance (map). Join us twice a week, Tuesdays & Thursdays, for coach-led training sessions that build your aerobic base progressively from October through March. Within our Wahoo Kickr Trainer Studio we use both power & HR to identify and set training targets, track progress to maximize your progression and fitness gains, leaving you stronger, healthier, and producing more power in the bike come Spring.

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‘Remote’ Base Builder Program

Don’t live nearby or can’t make our class times, we offer our same progressive Base Builder Trainer Program as a ‘Remote Program’ including audio recordings, group discussions, and the complete downloadable training program. Included with the plan is our testing protocol, training zone calculator to prescribe your exact power & HR zones for your program, as well as links to our YouTube Channel with every drill, exercise, and interval sets demonstrated in video so you know you’re doing things right.

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Base Builder Training Plans

We also have our Base Builder progressions available as Training Plans through Training Peaks available in 12, 18 & 24 week durations to fit your base training needs. Follow our highly successful progressions on your own and make the most of your off-season base build.

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Do yourself a favor and make the most of your off-season training this time around by building your most effective base. Consistent, progressive, structured training will leave you ready to tackle your 2019 competitive-season at a higher level.

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